This is a masterlist of all the places I have found to roleplay online that I think deserve their own category due to their utility or prevalence, but it is not an exhaustive list. I have hand-picked five individual websites to write longform write-ups on (those websites being, Discord, Jcink, Reddit, and Tumblr) as well as selected a number of Forums and then combined the rest into a category called "Other." These places are subject to change-- and hopefully will change as these guides expand and cover more ground. Hopefully five websites and five writeups is only the beginning!

As always, if you have feedback, comments, concerns, critique, recommendations, or anything else you want to say to me, please consider contacting me. is an anonymous 18+ asynchronous paragraph style roleplay website. It requires a free account. While it was originally conceived for roleplaying Homestuck, it does allow other fandoms, as well as spaces for original character and plot roleplays. You must be 18 or older to use Cherp, and sharing outside contact information (such as Discord or e-mail) is strictly forbidden unless you verify yourself as being 18+ through the website.

A full-size writeup of Cherp culture and usage is not yet available. If you have advice for using this website, please consider contributing your thoughts.


Discord is actually an instant messaging social platform, but is frequently utilized by roleplayers. You can either roleplay on Discord, or use Discord to find partners and then migrate to another platform more suited to your needs. Discord can be used by anyone over the age of 13 and is good for both script and paragraph-style roleplaying, though it does have a 2,000 character limit on messages which may require users who write longer replies to break them up into smaller sections. has a writeup of Discord roleplay culture and usage available by clicking on this link.

Forums is a forum-based roleplay website with a "seeking roleplay" section as well as a place to roleplay on-site. Because it is forum-based, it heavily favors paragraph-style roleplay. Barbermonger caters to all 13+ roleplayers but does allow 18+ users to seek explicit content.

RPNation is a forum-based roleplay website. While they generally encourage and expect you to roleplay on their forum, they do have a dedicated "seeking off-site roleplays" section. Because it is a forum-based website, it heavily favors paragraph-style roleplay. Unlike similar websites, RPNation does not allow searching for explicit/adult content, even if you are of age. Even if you are seeking a roleplay off-site, you are not allowed to solicit explicit content.

Scripturient is an 18+ forum-based roleplay website. While roleplaying on their forums is encouraged and preferred, you are allowed to solicit roleplays off-site. Scripturient prides itself on being a community for "mature, literate writers," and as such is for paragraph-style roleplay only. While there are some limits on what kind of content you are allowed to solicit, since all writers are 18+, they generally allow explicit content.

The Inner Sanctum is a forum-based roleplay website. Roleplaying on the forum itself is the expectation: recruiting for off-site roleplays is a bannable offense (though sharing contact information, as long as it is asked for, is fine.) It is 18+ only. Because it is a forum-based website, it heavily favors paragraph-style roleplay.

Writer's Realm is a forum-based roleplay website. As it is a forum, paragraph-style roleplay seems to be the preference. While there appears to be no rule against soliciting off-site roleplays, there is a dedicated roleplay forum that using seems to be the expectation. The forum appears to be 13+ and while I could find instances of people soliciting adult content in vague, non-explicit terms, it does appear that detailed discussion of explicit topics is forbidden.

If you know more about these websites, or about other forum-based roleplays, please consider sharing with me what you know!


Jcink is a forum host that allows for asynchronous paragraph-style roleplays. Instances are hosted by individuals, and as such the rules often vary by webmaster. Many (though not all) Jcink forum roleplays have an out-of-character Discord you are expected to be present in if you intend to use the forum to roleplay.

Unfortunately, I don't currently know much about roleplaying on Jcink. As such, a write-up of Jcink culture and usage is not yet available. If you use Jcink and are willing and able, please consider contributing your thoughts.


Reddit is a submission-based website much like a forum that includes a number of roleplay-related subforums ("subreddits") which users can post roleplay advertisements to. It requires a free account. While it is not uncommon to seek roleplays on Reddit and then engage in the roleplay elsewhere (such as on Discord, or by email,) some people do roleplay on the website itself through instant messages or asynchronous DMs. As such, I would classify Reddit as being good for both script and paragraph-style roleplays. It is equally useful for fandom or original character/plot roleplay. Each subreddit is owned by different individuals and has its own set of rules, meaning some subreddits are strictly 18+, while others are available to all roleplayers above the age of 13.

A short list of roleplay seeking subreddits might include /r/Roleplay, /r/RoleplayPartnerSearch, and /r/DiscordRP, though there are numerous roleplay-related subreddits available.

A comprehensive write-up of Reddit culture and usage is not yet available. Do you know about roleplaying on Reddit? Please consider contributing your thoughts.


Roulettes are roleplay websites that match you randomly with other roleplayers, often based on tags you enter. Some of them have you choose some parameters (such as "paragraph-style" or "18+") for a chat before you join, while others are almost completely random. They are often decentralized with no concrete best practices or culture, so I've done my best to compile what information I do have here. I do intend to have a longer writeup done at some point, but until then, this will unfortunately have to do.

More information about Roulettes can be found on our website by clicking here.


Tumblr is a microblogging/social network website with a dedicated roleplay community for both fandoms and original characters. It requires a free account. Given the blogging format, it favors paragraph-style roleplays, though script-style roleplays aren't uncommon. Tumblr can be used by anyone 13+, though most roleplayers will indicate what age groups they are comfortable writing with, and "18+ only" is a common sight in a person's rules.

In addition to using Tumblr to roleplay, it isn't uncommon to see Tumblr blogs dedicated to finding roleplay partners through submissions of "seeking" advertisements. "Asks" are submitted to the blog with information about what the roleplayer is looking for, and people interested in the roleplay "like" or reply to the post, and the submitter contacts them to arrange a roleplay, often off-site on places like Discord or by email.

No detailed information on roleplaying using Tumblr is currently available. Do you roleplay on Tumblr and have advice? Please consider contributing your thoughts.


These are sites that I really don't know enough about to give any particularly useful information, either because I haven't explored them enough, or because I haven't found anybody who uses them that can talk to me about them (separate from "Honorable Mentions" below, which includes websites I currently have no intention of ever having a writeup for.) That said, I cannot vouch for the security, usefulness, purpose, or anything else of the following websites, so you will be using them at your own risk. As always, if you know anything about these websites (or others that might belong on this list) please consider reaching out to me about it. describes itself as an "all-in-one platform for roleplayers to connect, create, and share their stories together." It allows for creating advertisements on site to find partners and provides a venue for roleplaying right on the website, no swapping contact information required. describes itself as an "online roleplay community, social network, and gaming site." In addition to roleplays, it also hosts fanfiction. Their welcome blurb describes themselves as "better than Discord, but more real-time than forums!" Why not give it a shot? appears to be MySpace but designed for roleplayers. appears to be a forum-based roleplay website.

If you know more websites, please consider sharing what you know!

Honorable Mentions

Amino apps are something I know nothing about, and consequently do not feel comfortable providing information for. If you know how to use amino apps for roleplaying, please consider reaching out! Though as of December 7th, 2022, I have plans to include a write-up on Amino Apps. I'm not sure I fully recommend them for roleplaying so the guide will likely be brief, but I do intend to write one. If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch!

Chatzy is something I know nothing about, and consequently do not feel comfortable providing information for. If you know how to use Chatzy to roleplay, please consider reaching out!

Facebook is likely not going on this list because of the phone number restrictions.

F-List is likely not going on here due to the explicit nature of its content.

Twitter is not going on this list because I hope it explodes.

As always, if you have more information, please consider sharing what you know!