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Roleplaying Online


Welcome to Roleplayer.info! This is a website designed for helping roleplayers from all backgrounds learn to use various platforms to roleplay (or find roleplays) by providing in-depth information and usage guides on both the venue itself and the cultures therein, allowing users to move seamlessly between roleplay communities and locate those that are most suited for their roleplay style and interests.

Connecting with Other Roleplayers

Roleplaying is a popular online hobby, but quite frankly, meeting other roleplayers can be difficult— especially if you aren't sure how to get started. Some people have never roleplayed before at all, but would like to start; others may be seasoned roleplayers attempting to find some variety by branching out from their favorite platforms; and others still may be returning after a long hiatus. Roleplayer.info hopes to be of use to any and all roleplayers— everywhere, regardless of experience, skill level, or interests.

Using This Website

Roleplayer.info is meant to be a comprehensive guide to using each of the platforms or websites listed in its pages. Our goal is not only to list places to find roleplays, but also to help you utilize each resource to its fullest extent. With help and input from people who use each venue, I've created detailed writeups of how to use them: not just strictly things like "which subreddit to post on" or "which Discord servers to join," but also cultural notes, best practices, things to avoid, and general advice! I want to arm you with everything you need to start finding roleplay partners in a new place as effectively as possible.

And You Can Help!

This website is a major work in progress. It's a labor of love by myself and lots and lots of other people. If you would like to help, consider messaging me on Tumblr, where I can be found at heyeinin all the time. Alternative methods of contact include this fun Google Form I just made and messaging me on Discord at girlie#5051. If you want a private reply, or a reply at all, the only way to guarantee this is by leaving contact information such as a Discord handle, e-mail address, Tumblr URL, etc. for me to reach you. Thank you for your help!

Last Updated: 05 December 2022