A list of resources for roleplaying.

This page... is a work in progress. As always, if you have resources you would like to share, please let me know. This is a self-promotion friendly webpage and if I get enough creators I would love to make an individual page for each resource!

Google Docs Templates

I always recommend checking the "Google Docs Template" tag on Tumblr to find something you might like. I have on my blog a tag for Google Docs Templates. There are numerous fantastic creators (that I'll list here when I get permission from them to do so...) online that you should check out.

Tragedynoir has curated a detailed list of Google Docs creators and links to their works on their Tumblr at this link. You are even able to sort by free and paid creators, and creators who accept commissions for the perfect custom Google Doc dossier for your character!

Carrd Templates

The Tumblr "Carrd Templates" tag remains my favorite place to find templates for Carrd. Individual creators will be linked here when I have permission...


The FINDRPS server (link to their Disboard listing) is an 18+ server with a strong community of RPH ("roleplay helpers") creators. Whether you're looking to find gif packs or post your own content, FINDRPS is a fantastic resource.

Additional Resources

The RP101 resource from Roleplay Central contains a number of guides and other writeups of useful information and tips for roleplayers. is a popular website for hosting information about OCs. If you need an invite, please contact me because I have more than a few and would be happy to share!


Rune has created a fantastic Google Sheets resource for roleplayers that includes a list of Discord servers, forums, subreddits, and more!