I can be reached through various mediums, as detailed below. I've also included which medium is likely the most useful for each kind of communication— whether it's feedback, criticism, or a contribution, I'm so excited to hear from you!

Reaching Me through Discord

If you have a lot of information, want a reply, or you are OK with having a dialogue (and by this I mean me practically interviewing you!) please consider contacting me through Discord. My handle there is heyeinin. This is not my personal account (you may see me posting from it in roleplay servers!) and I like to keep things separate if possible! If you message me on my personal account, I may redirect you to heyeinin just in the interest of staying organized. Your understanding is very appreciated!

Reaching Me through Tumblr

If you have less information, are not particularly concerned with a reply, or would prefer to be anonymous, or you want a very quick answer, a Tumblr ask may be the most effective method of contact! Tumblr has a character limit on asks (you can send multiple, but there's a limit on that too) but not on submitted posts, though if you are logged in, a submitted post will link back to your own Tumblr blog. In addition, Tumblr asks do not allow URLs. Also, I cannot answer anonymous asks privately. Tumblr does not allow this function.

If all of this is alright with you, I can be reached at Tumblr in my askbox at heyeinin.

Reaching Me through Google Forms

If you have a lot of information and would prefer to remain anonymous, your best bet is to submit a response to my Google form! I do not collect e-mails or other contact information through this form; it is anonymous unless you choose to include your contact information.

Other Ways to Reach Me

If you leave an e-mail, I will contact you through e-mail. I do not post my e-mail publicly to avoid spam.

I can also be found on Twitter at heyeinin, but this is probably the worst way to reach me short of literally sending a letter to my house via snail mail.